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Plan your tour with full flexibility.

Our Motto is: "Guest is God".

Let us serve you according to your personal travel preferences.


Your Ashok Bhardwaj

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North India and especially Rajasthan have plenty to offer to every traveller. World-famous, terrific sights, old traditions that are still alive and a great nature are waiting for you. It doesn't matter whether you visit Delhi, Agra, the Golden Triangle or whole North India - there is a wide range of opportunities for you to explore this breathtaking country. Our goal is to fulfil your wishes and live up to your expectations of a relaxing holiday.

Who we are:

We are a small, family driven licensed tour operator from New Delhi and work exclusively with experienced, reliable tourist drivers. Our vocation is to deliver outstanding service quality - not mass tourism.

What we offer:

Our speciality are private, fully customized Rajasthan & North India tours by A/C car. From a few days to several weeks - our drivers will show you "our India" and guide you through their beloved home country.

Of course - you freely can design your preferred route before the journey and decide short-term how long you want to explore a place. Perhaps you want to visit a certain festival or enjoy the nature of a National park - we're happy to assist you in your planning...

Our Tour Proposals - Day Tours and Tour Packages:

All our tours are flexible. The given tour proposals are for your inspiration only. Years of experience have shown that the tours suggested are ideal for the majority of travellers. Additionally, you also can get a good impression of what is possible in a special time frame.

For those that do not have much time or not the passion to work out a personal route we also offer Day Tours and Packages that are taylored with our long experience in travel business. Also here you are free to adjust each package to your personal wishes or needs.

How booking works:

Please simply fill-in a booking enquiry with all dates and wishes you know by now. We will check availability, send you route proposals & alternatives and answer your questions. As soon your route is fixed you get a concrete, priced offer. If you agree we will confirm your reservation and ask you for a deposit via Internet.

What you should know:

Rajasthan has plenty of well-conditioned roads - however distances distances are large and travel times are not comparable with those in well developed countries. Of course also the Indian traffic as well as the current road conditions have to be taken into account. For your safety we only drive in daytime (except for transfers within a city or from/to the airport).

Things you can rely on:

  • advice and support in planning and during your tour
  • fixed, open published prices
  • no commission shops, manufactures, hotels and restaurants
  • English-speaking drivers with tourist license
  • very clean A/C cars, safe and defensive driving
  • punctuality and reliability