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Ashok Bhardwaj

Ashok Bhardwaj

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Wednesday, 28 September 2022 08:40
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432) Sebastian 
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Monday, 13 June 2022 06:22 Permalink

After travelling with Ashok’s Taxi Tours for several times in the past, I decided that his company would be the right decision for the international guests of my wedding.

As always, the booking process was flawless, and tours in Delhi and beyond could be organized for those interested in tourism.

I chose Ashok’s services since most guests have never been to India. India has been my second home for quite some time now. And I wanted my guests to experience it as comfortably as possible, without the difficulties most first-time travellers have to experience.

And Ashok’s company again delivered. Be it punctuality or the quality of the vehicle used, or the friendly and helpful attitude towards the guests before, during and after the wedding, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

In sum, I would recommend Ashok’s services not only for a typical round trip but also for more complicated planning, like a big wedding with several cars having to be coordinated simultaneously over several days and weeks!
431) Lisa Hota 
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United States
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Wednesday, 20 April 2022 04:23 Permalink

We (husband and I) really needed a reliable driver to drive us to and back from Agra/Taj Mahal over two days in March.

We found Ashok's Taxi Tours as a very well rated option on Trip Advisor (which was unfortunately pushed down the list).

When does a taxi driver ask the customers to be on time? Never! At least we've never heard that before. We were so relieved to hear a request to be on time because we value punctuality and are often anxious about drivers being late.

With Mr. Ashok driving us around, we knew were in excellent hands during our trip as Mr. Ashok is a seasoned and a super safe driver with very fine communication skills and a ton of suggestions to make our trip convenient and memorable.

The car was spotless and in great condition. We really enjoyed our conversations and his stories and life experiences were very fascinating.

I thought I'd get a chance to catch some sleep on the way but I didn't even feel the need to wink, as the Delhi-Agra-Delhi journey was quite entertaining.

We would certainly hire Ashok's taxi again and very highly recommend this company to anyone looking for reliable, punctual and professional drivers.
430) Kerstin 
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Königswinter Deutschland
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Friday, 11 March 2022 15:03 Permalink

(430) Indien Rundfahrten NUR noch in Ashok's Taxis!

Wie konnte ich nur davon ausgehen, eine Indienrundfahrt/ Golden Triangle selbst zu managen!?

Mit Ashok's Taxi Tours habe ich mich zurückgelehnt und mich um nichts mehr gekümmert.

Unser Fahrer war Ashok selbst. Die Hauptziele habe ich vor der Fahrt angegeben. Ashok's zusätzliche Sightseings-Vorschläge waren Gold wert, wir hätten sie übersehen.

Es war ein entspanntes Reisen, denn Ashok war ein sicherer und achtsamer Fahrer. Bei der nächsten Indeinrundfahrt ist klar: Nur noch mit Ashok's Taxi Tours!

Leider reichte unser Englisch nicht aus, um sich mit Ashok zu unterhalten. Er hat bestimmt viel über sein Land und Gebräuche zu erzählen.
429) Sebastian 
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Monday, 7 March 2022 05:56 Permalink


- Sehr zuverlässig
- Sehr schnelle und gute Kommunikation:
- Einfache Abwicklung der Zahlung und hohe Transparenz was die Kosten angeht

- Sehr flexibel
- Sehr hilfsbereit
- Hohe Fahrkompetenz, dadurch hohes

- Auto ist sehr sauber, in sehr guten Zustand und wird bestens gepflegt, auch während der Reise, Keine CNG/Erdgas Auto!

- Sehr viel Wissen was Sehenswürdigkeiten, aber auch Touristenfallen angeht

- Last but not least: Eine sehr sympathische, ausgeglichene and angenehme Person

- In Summe: Ich lebe seit 10 Jahren Nach meinen Fahrten mit Ashok’s Taxi Service kann ich sagen, dass Ashok zu den besten gehört, wenn nicht sogar der beste ist!

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