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Ashok Bhardwaj

Ashok Bhardwaj

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7.12.2023 02:21
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I had an amazing and very memorable trip to India, visiting The Golden Triangle and Rathambore.

I cannot speak highly enough of Ashok's Taxi Tours who made it all possible. I had difficulties with maintaining contact with previous tour providers and last minute changes to my plans left me concerned and daunted about going to India as a solo, and more mature traveller.

My initial entry into India was a big gamble on my part owing to my failure to secure my plans. My initial experience on day 1, a tour of Delhi was with a tour company based at the airport, not an experience or company I would recommend, the 'tour' was lacking in many respects and the loyalty of the driver to his boss was extremely questionable as he touted his own 'tour' company which boasted a fake website.

Uneasy about continuing business with these guides I discovered Ashok's Taxi tours through Trip Advisor. Despite it being an 11th hour request I was very fortunate to get a speedy and positive response from Ashok's son advising me that Ashok himself would make himself available for the next 5 days to do a round trip tour from Delhi to Agra, Jaipur, Rathambore and then return to Delhi.

Ashok provided a fantastic service throughout. I felt at ease in his company and with his driving, he was always willing to make suggestions or to change plans according to my needs and was very patient. I particularly liked that I wasn't sidelined to places where I'd be hassled to buy goods, which seems to be a very common feature of other tour companies, for me that would have been a major spoiler.

With Ashok, I never felt that I was just a customer but more of a friend, he shared stories about his family and gave an insight into the culture of his country.

The tour was excellent value for money.

Thank you so much Ashok, for making my trip worthwhile. I look forward to joining you on a future trip.