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Ashok Bhardwaj

Ashok Bhardwaj

Ashok’s Taxi Tours Guestbook
24.7.2024 20:25
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418) Dr. Satish G S 
India Location
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We were five of our family, on a trip from Delhi to Nainital and Jim corbett.

We had booked online; after much research, with Ashok's Taxi Tours ( Ashok Kumar Bhardwaj ), a cab rental service in Delhi. We zeroed down on Ashok's because of the good rating in TripAdvisor and Google, the frank and prompt response to each of our queries, their willingness to adjust to our changing schedules and a modest rate quote.

We were given an Innova car in good condition and driver, Manoj (a middle aged gentleman from Delhi). The cab arrived well in time; Manoj insisted that he himself load all our heavy suitcases on the overheard carrier and inside the car.

Five of us started at 10:30 AM on 11th Jan 2020 from Noida to Nainital. Manoj was well versed with our routes to Nainital, from there to Jim Corbett and back to Delhi Airport for this 5 day trip. All through the trip, his driving (especially along the mountain routes, made dangerous with occasional snow covered roads) was commendable.

Throughout the trip he kept punctuality, was ever willing to help, cordial and communicative but not talkative. We got the feeling that Manoj had taken unto himself the responsibility of treating us as his personal guests; guided us and happily looked after our needs with care.

The trip ended on 15th Jan, at Delhi airport; with fond memories of our sight seeing and pleasent experience with our tour operator and driver.

Team Ashok's Taxi Tours and Mr.Manoj; well done. It's an excellent service that you have provided.
417) Maria K 
Germany Location
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I was traveling to northern India for the first time on my own.

So it was very necessary for my to feel save. I had the luck that I heard about Ashok‘s Taxi Tour from other female travelers from Germany, which makes good experiences with this organisation. So I decided to plan my trip with them.

They were very friendly, reliable and super flexible, so that I could plan my day in less than three days before I started to travel! I didn’t expected that they can help me in such a fast and short-termed way!

The trip was very well planned and I didn’t have to worry about anything! I feel very safe with Ashok as my driver! I could not have ask for a better driver then him!

This organization is absolutely recommendable for anyone who wants to travel to India! I will definitely recommend this organization.
416) Marion und Alexander 
Germany Location
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Liebes Team,

wir freuen uns sehr, dass wir auf Ashok's Taxi Tours gestoßen sind!

Die Kommunikation war immer sehr schnell und vor allem sehr sehr nett.

Wir haben uns mit unseren Fahrern sehr wohl gefühlt.

Besonders bei unserer Fahrt nach Agra.
Hierfür nochmals ein ganz großes Dankeschön an Manish und sein Team!

Wir hatten eine tolle Zeit und wir werden uns beim nächsten Mal wieder an Ashok wenden.

Viele Grüße aus Berlin!
415) R. Ramshankar 
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Ashok's Taxi Tours is a great organization supported by wonderful, safe and service oriented drivers. Our drivers Ajit and Manoj were very professional and helpful.

We appreciate the ease of booking, the clarity of the financial aspects, the safety of the cars and the drivers and the professionalism of the organization.

We will continue to use Ashok's Taxi Tours for our travel to North India.
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