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Ashok Bhardwaj

Ashok Bhardwaj

Ashok’s Taxi Tours Guestbook
24.7.2024 20:33
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6) Petra & Alex 
Vienna, Austria Location
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(6) Lieber Ashok!

Mit Dir gemeinsam zu reisen ist eine sehr angenehme und interessante Erfahrung.
Du bist immer zuverlässig, pünktlich und hast gottseidank trotz unserer fünfstündigen Verspätung am Flughafen gewartet und uns herzlich empfangen.

Auch kurzfristige Routenänderungen sind für Dich kein Problem.
Dein angenehmer Fahrstil, Geschichtenerzählungen und allgemeine Erklärungen über den indischen Alltag machen das Reisen zu einer entspannten Angelegenheit.

Deine Hotel & Restaurantempfehlungen waren immer top und zuverlässig! Preis/Leistung hat immer gepasst.

Vor allem in Delhi (Karol Bagh) zahlt sich Deine Empfehlung besonders aus! Wir haben uns hier einiges an Geld erspart.

Als besonders angenehm empfinden wir, dass Du immer die Wünsche Deiner Klienten bezgl. Einkaufen, Hotels, Route usw. respektierst.

Wir freuen uns auf die letzten Tage mit Dir und hoffen wieder einmal eine Tour mit Dir gemeinsam unternehmen zu können.

Alles Gute für Dich und Deine Familie

Petra & Alex
5) Andrea 
Wien, Österreich Location
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(5) Dear Ashok,

Roxane and I just spent a wonderful week with you travelling through beautiful Rajasthan! You came highly recommended but you managed to surpass our expectations!

Ashok, you are a wonderful driver, taking excellent care of your clients, always reliable and punctual. We felt very well taken care of and will be happy to recommend you to all our friends!
Hope to be travelling with you again in the very near future!

All my best from Vienna
4) Agata 
Switzerland Location
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Dear Ashok,

I travelled with you in Summer 2006. I met you at Delhi's Airport and you were so kind with me helping in everything. Then I went to Laddhak (what a wonderful place!!!) and when I came back to Delhi you proposed me a tour in Rajasthan. You've always respected my desires and it was a pleasure to share time with you talking about our Countries differences and similitudes. I have a very good souvenir of you... I often think about the taste of "Masala Dosa" and I've also tried to cook it at home... but it's not the same thing frown

I wish you a lot of fortune for your job!

3) Marsha and Conard 
Calgary, Canada Location
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(3) We just love Ashok. Travelling as much as we do, you often settle for second best but with Ashok we were treated first class. With Ashok's gentle, punctual, and intelligent manner we were delighted to be getting the best of India's culture, scenery, history and its people. Our plans were farily open but we had our route planned and Ashok helped us fit everything in with his great knowledge of all India has to offer. Shopping was always a pleasure as Ashok never tried to influence us in any way and delighted in our negotiations for carpets and other goods. India with Ashok is the only way to go!
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