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Ashok Bhardwaj

Ashok Bhardwaj

Ashok’s Taxi Tours Guestbook
14.6.2024 22:01
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438) Kati & Tobi 
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(438) My boyfriend and I booked a 3 day tour.

We started our tour with a pick up from Airport Dehli.

The driver "Ajit" did a extraordinary good job in keeping us safe threw the traffic. He explained us a lot of the culture in India and was just great as a person.We did feel immediately comfortable.

From Agra we did sightseeing the next days. We were more than satisfied as the vehicles are very comfortable.

Ajit did take care of us and made always sure that we did find back to the car.
He helped us with everything from problems with finding toilets to spontaneous coconut drinking.

He fulfilled all our extra requests and adopted all of our extra wishes.

This taxi company is highly recommended as
the locals know their way around, give helpful advice and you don't have to be afraid of being scammed.
437) Francesca and Claes 
Italy Location
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(437) I have relied on Ashok's taxi service over 12-19 November 2022 and was traveling with my 20-month-old son.

The service provided really suited my traveling expectations, slow, calm-paced given the need to accommodate the rhythms of my baby boy, but also informative and pleasant throughout the whole period.

Within the week of travel, including airport pick-up and drop-off, we spent 3 days in Delhi, moving to several places of interest and 3 days in Jaipur, including the surroundings.

It was a pleasure to have found Ashok's Taxi Service by my side and am looking forward to more traveling adventures in India with them in the near future!
436) Cornelia 
Germany Location
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Wir waren zwei Tage mit Ashok von Delhi nach Haridwar und Rishikesh unterwegs.

Wer einen vertrauensvollen Service schätzt,“deutsche“ Pünktlichkeit & Sauberkeit sucht und dabei so nebenbei ein paar Einsichten in Land & Leute bekommen möchte ist hier richtig.

Ashok ist ein toller Mensch, den wir in der kurzen Zeit zu schätzen gelernt haben. Ein Fixpunkt im für uns chaotischen Indien👍☺️🪬
435) Dirk 
Germany Location
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Ich habe Ashok's Taxi für einen drei Tage-Trip mit vier Freunden nach Agra im Anschluss an eine Motorradreise durch Kashmir/Ladakh gebucht.

Das war die richtige Entscheidung. Vom Erstkontakt bis zum Ende der Tour eine gute Erfahrung. Zuverlässig, vertrauenswürdig und seinen Preis wert.

Unser Fahrer Mr. Rishi war sehr angenehm, entspannt und sicher mit uns unterwegs - der beste Fahrer den ich bisher in Indien hatte…..gerne wieder 👍🙏
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