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Ashok Bhardwaj

Ashok Bhardwaj

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24.7.2024 21:55
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262) Irmi Schwitteck 
Germany Location
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(262) Dear Mr. Ashok,

we were travelling for one week with our Driver Ajeet. He was very nice, always at time and took care of us, very well.

He was able to answer all our questions, especially about Hinduism. That was so nice. The choice of the Hotel was always the best, and also the restaurants were good.

We were very happy with him.
It was the best decision to travel with Ashok and Ajeet.

I never regretted my decision.

Thank you very much!

Best regards to Ajeet

Irmi & Maria

PS: Wir waren wirklich sehr froh mit der Entscheidung ein Taxi zu mieten. Der E-Mail Kontakt war immer gut. Ashok kümmerte sich wirklich um alles und man konnte sich immer auf Ihn verlassen.

Unser Fahrer war stets pünktlich und sehr zuverlässig. Einfach nur toll! Mr. Ashok sagte am Anfang der Tour, dass wir uns jederzeit melden könnten wenn es Probleme gäbe, aber das er nicht glaubt, dass es Probleme geben wird. Und genauso war es.
261) W Poon 
England Location
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The Delhi to Agra day tour was very relaxing and very good value. The driver Bittu was very friendly and allowed you to see the various sights at your own pace.

I would definitely recommend Ashok's tours to others and would use them again the next time I visit India.
260) Thomas & Simone 
Ulm, Germany Location
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We are a couple from Germany and it was our first time in India.

At the beginning of our plans we thought we can travel around by train. But then we decided to search online for an private driver for our trip through this country.

And we have to say - this was the best decision ever. We are so happy to contact Ashok and his crew. We wrote a few mails with each other and finally we got our perfect tour.

Ashok send us one the best maybe his best driver. We are so glad to got a tour with Raju. He drives us very carefully an save through this incredible traffic. He was so friendly and take care for us like a father. He shows us a lot of things and good locations to eat and sleep. Raju told us a lot of historical informations about India and their buildings. Every information we read in our travel guidebook, Raju completed it with additional details.

We can recommend Ashok's Taxi Tours and our driver Raju in all conscience.

Thank you so much for showing us your incredible India.
259) Linda Anderson 
Kuwait Location
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We really enjoyed our tour of Rajasthan with Mr. Ashok's taxi company. Our driver, Rinku, was a lovely man who took into consideration all of our requests. That was really important to us as I was 32 weeks pregnant when I did the tour.

Rinku was an excellent driver. He met us at the airport and he kept his taxi clean every day. He recommended some great restaurants and hotels along the way. He was happy to adapt to suit our travel plans and he even stopped at some good sights on the way that we had not heard about.

We thought the tour was good value, well-organised and a great way to see Rajasthan. Thank you, Rinku, and Mr. Ashok.

Visited May 2015
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