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Ashok Bhardwaj

Ashok Bhardwaj

Ashok’s Taxi Tours Guestbook
20.5.2024 04:45
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332) Stalin Paulraj 
Singapore Location
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We have decided to go always Ashok's Taxi whenever plan for North India Trip.

Actually we went to Amritsar, Delhi and Manali for almost 10days trip. We booked Ashok's Taxi only for Delhi and Agra trip and for other places took Hotel Taxi.

Delhi was pleasant stay because of Ashok's Taxi Service

1) Friendly
2) Punctuality
3) Service Quality
4) Patient
5) Well and Right guide
6) Language

331) Kathi 
Deutschland Location
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Vielen herzlichen Dank an Ashok und Charli für die unvergessliche Reise!

Auch wenn es schon wieder ein halbes Jahr her ist denke ich immer noch fast jeden Tag an die traumhafte Zeit.

Wir waren knapp drei Wochen in Nordindien unterwegs und ich bin mir sicher, dass eine Tour mit Ashok's Taxi Tours die entspannteste Variante ist, dieses großartige und tief beeindruckende Land kennenzulernen.

Viele Grüße
Kathi und Oli
330) Zen 
Philippines Location
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Thank you to Ashok for promptly replying to all my e-mails about the day trip tour to Agra. It was easy to decide getting your services versus others.

My colleagues and I would like to commend our driver, Rishi. He was punctual and very professional. He gave invaluable tips about the monuments in the itinerary. We felt extremely safe in his hands - we slept 80% of the time during the round trip drive!

I will recommend your services to family and friends who wish to visit Delhi.

329) Lars 
Norway Location
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Thx for anamazing Tour Mr. Ashok.

Your driver Raju was outstanding. Delivery us to The Taj Mahal very effectly and with much useful information.

Will most definetly reccomend your trip to someone who wants an great trip in India hassle free with a good price 😃
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