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Ashok Bhardwaj

Ashok Bhardwaj

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4.12.2023 22:56
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352) Anne 
Netherlands Location
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We booked a 3-day customized tour with Ashok where we were picked up from the airport in the morning of day 1, visited Agra and Delhi and brought back to the airport at the end of day 3.

Our driver, Subash, was superfriendly, a great and safe driver and he provided us with lots of information about India and the sights.

Also, he and Ashok really have (litteraly) gone out of their way to make our stay in India a great one. When we were well on the way back from Agra to Delhi, I realized I left my tablet at the hotel in Agra. Subash and Ashok managed to get it back for me and I got it back a day later! (thank you so much again!!).

I've travelled the world quite a bit and this was such a wonderfull surprise! To sum it up I can only say I would recommend Ashok's services to anyone!
351) Stefan 
Germany Location
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Wir haben über Ashok's Taxi Tours eine 19-tägige Nordindienrundreise gebucht. Die Tour führte von Neu Dehli über Mandawa, Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Ranakpur, Udaipur, Bundi, Pushkar, Jaipur und Agra bis nach Varanasi.

Bereits im Vorfeld der Reise lief die Kommunikation hervorragend. Anfragen wurden immer sehr schnell (max. 1 Tag) beantwortet und die Route nach unseren Wünschen angepasst. Auch die Preisgestaltung ist sehr transparent.

In Indien angekommen setzten sich die positiven Erfahrungen fort. Mit Anil Chhabra haben wir einen außergewöhnlich guten (was man in Indien auch sein muss), sicheren, zuverlässigen (immer pünktlich) und auch noch netten Fahrer bekommen. Außerdem fungierte er noch als Ratgeber, Restaurantkritiker, Arzt und vieles mehr!
An dieser Stelle nochmal vielen Dank Anil!

Wir waren zu dritt unterwegs und haben uns für einen etwas größeren Wagen (Toyota Innova im Vergleich zu einem Tata Indigo) entschieden und es nicht bereut. Die Fahrtstrecken sind lang und im Toyota sitzt man auch zu dritt oder viert noch sehr bequem und alle Koffer lassen sich problemlos im Kofferraum verstauen.

Insgesamt kann ich Ashok's Taxi Tours jedem Nord-Indien-Reisendem nur wärmstens empfehlen. Sollten wir nochmal nach Indien kommen (was nach dieser Reise wahrscheinlich ist), würden wir wieder einen Privatfahrer wählen. Das mag etwas teurer sein als beispielsweise per Zug, ist aber auch deutlich komfortabler und stressfreier!
350) Vignes Chandran 
malaysia Location
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This is a sincere note of gratitude to Ashok and his driver Ajit for making my journey within Delhi, Mathura and Agra a completely hassle-free, pleasurable one.

Ajit Kumar, the driver assigned to me was not only knowledgable but also highly polite and always early (at least 30minutes before the daily pickup times).

He is extremely professional, and I couldnt be in better hands while exploring north India.

Thank you Ashok and Ajit, I have no reservations to use Ashok's Taxi Tours when I am in India again.
349) Sree Kumar 
India Location
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The only grouse I had was that the Vehicle which I had specifically asked before my travel was not provided to me. I asked for an Etios and was given a Tata Indigo; the condition of which was not great. The air-conditioners took an age to cool and by the time that happened we used to reach the destination. I didn't expect that from your organization.


Our tour driver Mr. Anil Sharma. A gentleman and very informative about the locations we travelled. A very nice company to talk to through out the journey. A very safe driver and felt extremely comfortable throughout the journey. My family enjoyed the trip a lot. If not for him, the journey would have been painful as the heat surprisingly during late Sept. and early October was too much.

Next time I would expect you to provide was the customer was expecting from you.

Best wishes,

Ashok Bhardwaj (owner) 22.11.2016 22:39
Dear Mr. Kumar,

thanks a lot for your feedback - we appreciate also criticism.

I'm sorry, as we do not have a big fleet of cars we never can guearantee a special type of car, only a class of car. The driver with the car is chosen on daily availability and sometimes so it is not possible to fullfil the wish for a specific car type.

Concerning the A/C - as you told self it was a very hot day and so most cars have difficulties with cooling down very quick. We are sorry for any inconvenience so far.
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