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Ashok Bhardwaj

Ashok Bhardwaj

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24.7.2024 20:52
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1) Anne and Steve 
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(1) We had a fantastic experience with Ashok's Taxi Tours. Our driver Anil was always prompt and courteous, and his driving was unfailingly smooth and drama-free, even in the stress of the most insane roadways I've ever seen.

Anil had good suggestions and insights for us (as well as some great stories), and he became a trusted friend in the course of our travels.

Ashok runs a strict "no-commission" business, so he and his drivers will never try to get you visit certain shops or sites. This, we found, is exceedingly rare in India and in fact many people we spoke to there couldn't believe that any car service in India could be run this way. Ashok is adamant in running his business in an ethical manner and his zero tolerance on the commission issue removes a huge amount of stress.

And again, Anil is a true pro behind the wheel.

We are looking forward to visiting India again and would only use Ashok's Taxi to get around.

Thank you from Anne and Steve!