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Ashok Bhardwaj

Ashok Bhardwaj

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7.12.2023 03:39
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(1) Ashok,

It was a pleasure spending time with you and your driver Arjit. Thank you for making our travel (me, my wife and two children) in Northern India safe and comfortable. We made it to all our planned destinations and had a great time in India. We would not hesitate to use your taxi tour service again.

We also felt in our hearts your genuine efforts to put customers first and provide a safe, timely, and comfortable transportation; we like the fixed pricing (we knew what it will cost us at the end of the trip) and no side trips to tourist stores unless requested. Pls continue your business model - great service to newbies in India and want to explore w/o the worries of finding reliable transportation.

Here's a short (7 mins) photo slideshow in Youtube about our trip in India (thanking your Taxi Tour in one of the pictures); background local music from India.