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Ashok Bhardwaj

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5.12.2023 23:52
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I was travelling 6 days beginning of November 2013 together with Bisht, one of Ashok's driver, accross Rajastan. It was a true pleasure having Bisht with me, organising very good hotel rooms according to my budget and selecting the highlights to visit.

Be aware it is not just about selecting the highlights, it is as well important at which day time you are there (crowded, foto etc.)!

I felt always safe and comfortable on my trip with Bisht and I'm happy that he was so kind giving me a short introduction into the Hindi religion during journey.

Both, Ashok and Bisht, where supporting me as well with my individual travelling (to Rishikesh by train) after my Rajastan tour which was very helpful and saved a lot of time for me.

So I can fully recommend travelling with Askok and Bisht, who made my 14 days trip to India a great success. Many thanks as well to the webmaster Martin, who supported me with the train booking problems smile.

Shukriya and Namaste Bisht and Ashok. I'm sure I'll come back to India big grin