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14.6.2024 20:55
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Dear Ashok,

being back in Germany we would like to thank you again for your help with our journey through the northern part of India. We really enjoyed our time in your country, which would not have been possible without our driver Raju. We always felt comfortable and save in the car, although Indian traffic for Europeans may seem horrible at any time. Raju is a kind and helpful person. He always tried to fulfill all our wishes and requests, showed us many places and told us a lot about life and society of “Incredible India” as he called it.

Sorry for the inconvenience we may have caused concerning our flight from Khajuraho back to Delhi. The cancellation notice we found on the Internet must have been wrong. Everything worked out fine except one little thing. Please take the following information as a hint for your further customers as it might be very helpful for them:

Economy passengers of Jet Airways are only allowed to carry one piece of luggage of max. 15 kg and one piece of hand luggage with max. 7 kg. Due to our international flight tickets with Lufthansa each person was allowed to carry 23 kg plus hand luggage 7 kg. So we showed our connecting flight tickets to the staff of Jet Airways, but this did not help at all. They wanted us to pay 250 Rupies per kg overweight, 2250 Rupies in total. Therefore we decided to unpack our stuff right in front of the Check In desk until we reached the 15 kg allowed and put the rest into our hand luggage. It’s a stupid airline rule, because in the end all luggage pieces are carried by the same airplane. We recommend you giving this information to your customers, so that they are able to take care of the above mentioned in advance.

Unfortunately Jet Airways does not fly directly to from Khajuraho to Delhi, only via Varanasi. So the flight time was double the time we had expected and in the end we could have stayed in Varanasi as well. Maybe next time.

Thank you very much for everything. We hope to find the time to come back one day.

Best regards, also to our driver Raju

Ralf and Jeanette B.
from Berlin/Germany