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7.12.2023 02:18
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(1) Dear Mr. Ashok,

Thank you for organizing our fantastic 14 days tour through Rajasthan in April 2013. Our driver Mr. Jai is awesome!

Every morning he waited for us with a big smile on his face in front of the hotel. Sometimes he gave us a red rose as a present smile

He was always on time and his car was very clean. He is also a really good driver and we always felt save in the Indian traffic chaos.

Mr. Jai always had a "plan B", if we did not like a hotel, he just drove us to the next one.

We spend one night in Bishnoi Village Camp and because it was off-season we were the only guests and had the total attention.

The staff prepared a candle light dinner for us in the open air, the owners wife made tea for us and we could watch the antelopes. This was an unique experience.

Thank you Mr. Jai for being more than just our driver!

Thank you for buying cookies for us, so that we could feed the monkeys in Ranakpur.

Thank you for buying lemon water for us when it was really hot in Delhi.

Thank you for your Hindi lessons. We really miss that, it was always great fun smile

Thank you for driving us to all the magnificent temples, forts and sights.

Thank you for telling us so much about India and the culture.

Thank you for helping us to order food when the menue was only written in Hindi.

Thank you for going to the markets with us, so that we could buy a nice Kurta Pajama and new Flip Flops for Stefan.

Thank you for the great holiday, we would always book a tour with you again!

We had an amazing time in India, thank you Mr. Jai & Mr. Ashok

Janine & Stefan