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Ashok Bhardwaj

Ashok Bhardwaj

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24.7.2024 20:35
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I was traveling to northern India for the first time on my own.

So it was very necessary for my to feel save. I had the luck that I heard about Ashok‘s Taxi Tour from other female travelers from Germany, which makes good experiences with this organisation. So I decided to plan my trip with them.

They were very friendly, reliable and super flexible, so that I could plan my day in less than three days before I started to travel! I didn’t expected that they can help me in such a fast and short-termed way!

The trip was very well planned and I didn’t have to worry about anything! I feel very safe with Ashok as my driver! I could not have ask for a better driver then him!

This organization is absolutely recommendable for anyone who wants to travel to India! I will definitely recommend this organization.