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From the first E-mail contact to the last minutes with Ashok's Taxi Tours everything was amazing! Manish answered very quick and also the money-transfer was no problem.

First of all we want to say thank you to our driver Manoj Raaj Put who took us with the Ashok-Taxi during 32 days through the unbelievable Indian traffic.

Manoj is a perfect driver, and he did way much more for us than driving us from town to town. He gave us a lot of information about Indian culture and life, and the restaurants he recommended were all really special places we never would have found without him!

We felt very safe driving with Manoj, the car was always spottlessly clean, Manoj always more than on time and with him we learned to appreciate and understand a lot about incredible India!

If ever we will retourn to India, we will book the trip with Ashok's Taxi Tours and for sure with Manuj as the best driver!