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Ashok Bhardwaj

Ashok Bhardwaj

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24.7.2024 20:07
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(1) I am convinced that you will not find a better taxi driver in Dehli then Ashok. I can highly recommend Ashok for your trip. He is a careful driver and even in the middle of the craziest Indian traffic chaos I always felt safe with him. Every morning, already 10 minutes before the appointed time he was waiting for me next to his new, comfortable, spacious, air-conditioned(!) car, which he neatly cleans every day. Due two his long experience he could show me all the interesting places of Rajasthan, which I sometimes would not have seen without him. He has always been very flexible when I was changing travel plans again wink.

He made very good recommendations concerning the accommodations but always left me the choice and or helped finding other places. I would like to emphasize this, because it is very exceptional. Usually drivers bring you to shops or hotels where they get commission.

But Ashok is good person, with a great heart, helpful, honest, reliable, full of life, and has lots of humor. You can have a wonderful time together with him (look at his picture - that smile says everything wink). We became really close during our trip and in the end it was more like traveling with a good friend than a driver–client relationship.

Although his English is not yet perfect, it was interesting to hear stories about his family, his personal opinions and to get closer insight into Indian mentality.

By taxi is probably the easiest, most comfortable and relaxed way to explore Rajasthan, where the most beautiful places are very close to each other. You do not have to organize or worry much but will have time to see much of the divers colourful Indian culture in very little time.

Ashok, all the best to you and your family – I hope you are all fine.

Best regards