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Ashok Bhardwaj

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6.12.2023 00:45
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We had a wonderful trip in February 2018 with Rishi from Ashok's travel agency.

We booked a trip for one week- started in New Delhi to Agra, Jaipur back to New Delhi.

Rishi collected us from airport and was the whole week always available for us. He is a wonderful person - we felt always save and comfortable in his presence.

During the trip we learned a lot of the country, the culture, history, religion - there no question remained unanswered.

If you are really interested in the country we highly recommend Rishi. We have seen the very famous touristic places, but he also responded to our individual wishes.

That made the trip perfect!

Rishi is a very fine person and if we will come back we will just have a Tour with him! The car was really new, comfortable with AC and Ashok contacted us at the beginning and at the End to make sure everything was alright.

If you are booking a trip with Ashok's Taxi Tours and go with Rishi you get the best - we give 1000 stars.

With warm regards from the heart
Elisabeth & Katharina