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Ashok Bhardwaj

Ashok Bhardwaj

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6.12.2023 00:41
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I travelled to India between in March 2017, with 3 other lovely friends. One of the group had researched and booked the whole holiday including Ashok's Taxi Tours.

We were collected from the airport by one of the drivers, taken to our hotel and then had a tour of New Delhi. We had a new driver the next day (Mr. Singh) as the first drivers son was seriously ill.

Mr. Singh was very knowledgeable about the sights we were travelling to. We drove to Agra the next day which took over three hours, but the motorway wasn't too bad in comparison with other roads. We did note there were a number of signs informing drivers to stick to the speed limit, otherwise it would 'invite prosecution'.

Once settled into the hotel, Mr. Singh took us to a very nice restaurant and back to the hotel. In the morning we walked to the Taj Mahal, which was stunning.

We then drove to Jaipur, which again was another long drive. On route we took in a number of Temples/Forts before arriving in Jaipur, where we stayed for 2 nights. The Observatory was definitely worth it and Mr . Singh recommended a guide, which we paid 300 rupees for. (Less than £4).

At this point Mr Singh left us and we were joined by Mr. Ashok (Senior). He was lovely, lots of advice and guidance and just general information about India and how life works. We drove to Pushkar and the holy lake. The shopping here was good and we were less hassled by the locals.

However you cannot purchase alcohol or eat meat in the Town. On the guidance of Mr. Ashok, we watched the sun set over the lake, which was gorgeous.

From here it was back to Delhi for one more stay in a hotel, prior to flying out to Goa.

We all had such a wonderful time, and without Ashok taxi tours, we would ever have seen the beautiful sights or have known where exactly to go. I would thoroughly recommend Mr. Ashok and his taxi tours. We all felt safe, though the driving of most of the others leaves a lot to be desired. Thank you Mr. Ashok for a great week.