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Perfectly arranged!

It started with an extremely quick, informative and transparent mail contact. Within 2 hours and 4 emails everything was arranged and fixed. No payment in advance or credit card details needed - simply trust.

Our driver picked us up at midnight in Delhi and arranged a very good hotel for us although it was that late.

We didn't book any hotels in advance but followed the recommendations our drivers made (based on the price level we fixed in advance of the trip). Each of these hotels was at least ok, some remarkable good.

First 2 days we spent with driver Pramod, who drove us very safely through the daily chaos on Indias streets. We followed his suggestions for Delhi sightseeing and first day in Agra and were absolutely satisfied. We suggest to improve Pramods English since sometimes he was a little bit hard to understand.
We think this would be a good investment because he is a very attentive man and took always care of us.

Mr. Ashok, who we met at our first day in Delhi, had informed us that our driver would change in Agra for the rest of the trip - that's why we met Rishi and the whole trip improved even more.

Rishi is a remarkable driver. Careful, attentive, well informed, funny... He made our whole trip interesting, informative and always took good care of us (and always had an extra water bottle at hand). We enjoyed the whole trip with him and always felt safe. Now we know, why he is so often recommended at Tripadvisor - everyone who has ever shared our experience knows what we're talking about...

This was our first time in India and to be honest, we were a little afraid that this amazing but also extremely different country would be hard to travel trough.

But with this company "India for Beginners" is an experience that we can highly recommend.