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Ashok Bhardwaj

Ashok Bhardwaj

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Samstag, 12 Juni 2021 23:27
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365) Andrew & Sue 
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San Diego, USA
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Freitag, 13 Januar 2017 12:57 Permalink

Our driver Charlie met us with a smile, which is already unusual.

He was by far the safest driver we have ever had in India, over a two week vacation period he drove with caution and expert confidence. He never exceeded the speed limit even on completely empty roads. He was very knowledgeable, fun to talk with but didn't ask personal questions, and totally dependable. If he said he would wait for us somewhere to pick up, he was always there.

Always - we never had to wait even once, even if we came there early. Just superb service.
364) Doganay 
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Montag, 9 Januar 2017 18:18 Permalink

We just spend 5 days travelling from Delhi to Jodhpur and visited Jaipur and Agra on the way.

Very pleased with the Ashok's Taxi Tours service, respectful and friendly driver and clean car.

We will definetely recommend this service
and already recommended to few friends.

Thank you for your assistance during our trip to your beautiful country.
363) Zara 
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Sonntag, 1 Januar 2017 16:14 Permalink

What a brilliant experience!! A huge thank you to Ashok's Taxi Tours and in particular our driver Gurmeet who provided a fantastic service from start to finish.

We booked a taxi tour from Delhi to Jaipur to Agra and then return to Delhi. We booked at the last minute and Ashok was able to confirm everything very promptly and efficiently.

Our driver arrived at the hotel on time and we had such a memorable journey. Gurmeet highlighted various monuments and shared with us the history and culture of each of the places. He spoke very good english and also had lots of banter.

The car was very comfortable or as comfortable as it can be for a 5-6 hour journey! One of the things we felt most was complete safety in the hands of our driver. He made us feel well looked after and taken care of and gave us great advice. Being first time visitors to India this was very important.

We cannot thank Gurmeet enough for all that he did and we would highly recommend this service to anyone.
362) Jit Gopal 
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Donnerstag, 29 Dezember 2016 19:55 Permalink

We (2 adults and 2 Children) have just returned from a 7 day tour of Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Haridwar and Rishikesh. We would like to say from the outset that Manish and Ashok were totally professional and we're always prompt in replying to any questions or queries. They always gave sound advice regarding travel, money, hotels and anything else requested.

Our driver Sonu was excellent and he spoke good English. He was always prompt and arrived at the time we had agreed the night before. With the chaotic traffic in Delhi we found this quite an achievement. We found Sonu to be very knowledgeable about all the places visited and he was able to answer our many questions about India in general. He gave us a valuable insight into modern India, he also recommended other places we might want to visit when we returned in the future. We found Sonu to be a patient and careful driver despite many crazy drivers around us.

We had a great 7 days touring with Ashok's Taxi Tours were able to squeeze quite a lot into such a short time. We felt that we got great value for our money and Ashok was totally transparent about the costs.

We would truly recommend using Ashok's Taxi Tours and are already planning our next visit.
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