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Ashok Bhardwaj

Ashok Bhardwaj

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20.5.2024 06:28
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204) Erika Größwang 
Heimatort, Land:
Bad Ischl - Österreich Heimatort, Land
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(204) Zum 3. Mal haben wir Ashoks Taxidienst für eine Reise gebucht:

Unsere Reise (3 Wochen) war dreigeteilt:

Am Flughafen gab es einen herzlichen Empfang durch Ashok und seinen Fahrer Adjit. Mit ihm ging es weiter nach Dehradun zu unserem Projekt Adjit ist ein sehr besonnener und umsichtiger Chauffeur. Durch ihn war es uns möglich, an der eindrucksvollen Aartifeier in Rishikesh teilzunehmen. Zurück in Delhi nahm sich Ashok persönlich Zeit für eine ausgiebige Sightseeingtour. Unserem Freund Christian, einem "Indienneuling", wollten wir natürlich einige Highlights der Stadt zeigen.

Der zweite Teil unserer Reise ging nach Varanasi. Wir sind Ashok sehr dankbar, dass er uns bis zum Bahnsteig brachte, wo wir den Nachtzug problemlos erreichten. Bei der Rückkehr war bereits Adjit vor Ort und fuhr uns zum Hotel. Am Abend brachte er uns ein herrliches vegetarisches Menü von Krishna, Ashoks Frau, zum Schwärmen.

Teil drei unseres "Abenteuers" führte uns mit Fahrer Bittoo in ein touristisch weniger bekanntes Gebiet. Nach Orcha ging es nach Mandu und Sanchi. Zwei faszinierende Orte, deren Sehenswürdigkeiten es Wert sind, die tlw. schlechten Straßen in Kauf zu nehmen. Auf dem Rückweg feierten wir in Khajuraho Diwali und der Abschluss war mit der Festung von Gwalior wohl richtig gewählt!

Wir bewunderten Bittoo, der auf den schlechtesten Straßen, die wir je befuhren, nie ungeduldig wurde. Er hat des öfteren gefährliche Situationen mit Bravour gemeistert.

Zurück in Delhi erledigten wir mit Ashok alle Kaufwünsche. Auch der Transport zum Flughafen wurde von ihm organisiert.

Ashok, many thanks for all your big and small "services"! We really appreciated your support you gave us in so many ways. Your drivers offer interesting background informations on history and religion, if required.

We wish you and your familiy good luck and your God's blessings. May you and all your drivers come home safely every time!

Erika and Gerhard, Bad Ischl - Austria
203) Anne and Steve 
Heimatort, Land:
United States Heimatort, Land
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(203) We had a fantastic experience with Ashok's Taxi Tours. Our driver Anil was always prompt and courteous, and his driving was unfailingly smooth and drama-free, even in the stress of the most insane roadways I've ever seen.

Anil had good suggestions and insights for us (as well as some great stories), and he became a trusted friend in the course of our travels.

Ashok runs a strict "no-commission" business, so he and his drivers will never try to get you visit certain shops or sites. This, we found, is exceedingly rare in India and in fact many people we spoke to there couldn't believe that any car service in India could be run this way. Ashok is adamant in running his business in an ethical manner and his zero tolerance on the commission issue removes a huge amount of stress.

And again, Anil is a true pro behind the wheel.

We are looking forward to visiting India again and would only use Ashok's Taxi to get around.

Thank you from Anne and Steve!
202) Martin 
Heimatort, Land:
Austria Heimatort, Land
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Dear Ashok,

when I decided on a rather short timeline that a private car was the way to tour the Golden Triangle in October '14, you made it all possible (and with short response times). When discussing the details of the tour via email you were there to help with lots of detail and advice which resulted in including Ranthambore NP into our tour which I am very glad we did.

Apart from this in depth knowledge of destinations, sights and driving times what really makes a difference is your commitment not to bother your guests with shopping venues and other touts. We felt that all of you just want to make your guests enjoy their (scarce) time and feel at home/part of the family as much as possible without losing time in shops no one ever wanted to see. And so we enjoyed!
Thanks for setting this up for us!

Dear Raju,

as our driver you were the best we could have wished for: Very knowledgeable, briefing us for every activity (and also what would happen once we opened the door of his car ... well, that's India), helping us buy the little daily things, always polite and with good humor, always on time and with a freshly cleaned car.

And most importantly: You brought as back sound and safe to the airport despite that crazy traffic (and jam)! We arrived as guests, but left as friends.

Thanks again for the great time we spent together!
201) Zhanna Kurenkova 
Heimatort, Land:
Moscow, Russia Heimatort, Land
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Хочу поблагодарить нашего замечательного водителя Раджу, который за два дня стал нашим другом!

Мы провели отличное время в поездке в Агру. Раджу рассказывал много интересных истории и давал хорошие советы в пути, угощал нас местными фруктами, показал нам Индию с другой стороны.

Самое главное очень аккуратно и профессионально вел машину, что большая редкость для Индии с таким сумасшедшим трафиком.

Всем рекомендую воспользоваться сервисом Ashok's Taxi Tours. Очень быстро отвечают на письма (за час -два). Услуги несомненно стоят своих денег.

[translated by webmaster]:

I want to thank our wonderful driver Raju, who two days became our friend!

We had a great time on the trip to Agra. Raju told many interesting stories and gave good advice along the way, treated us to local fruits, showed us the other side of India.

Most importantly he drove very neatly and professionally - a rarity in India with this crazy traffic.

We can recommend to use the service Ashok's Taxi Tours to all. He very quickly responded to emails (one - two hours). The service certainly is worth the money.
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