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Ashok Bhardwaj

Ashok Bhardwaj

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23.9.2023 05:32
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191) chagit 
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Israel Heimatort, Land
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We found Ashok's Taxi Tours through a Tripadvisor recommendation, and were extremely happy with our choice.

Mr. Ashok was nice, efficient, and generous, and very considerate when we found we had to cut our trip short. He gave us a very clear and fair quote from the beginning, and the adjustment was hence very easy.

Our driver, Anil, with whom we spent 5 days, was very nice--professional and pleasant. He was very patient with our indecisive plan, was always on time, and had very good suggestions as to what we should see in every site. It was a pleasure to spend so many hours with a nice person like Anil.

We'll definitely use their services again should we be back in India.

In short: Highly recommended

Visited July 2014
190) Daniela und Rainer 
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wir hatten eine richtig gute zeit in rajasthan und mit raju vermutlich einen der besten fahrer. er ist immer auf uns eingegangen, hat sich aber auch mit sehr guten vorschlägen eingebracht. somit hatten wir ein max. an nord-india big grin

die tour war eigentlich für 14 tage geplant, wurde aber letztenendes um weitere 4 tage erweitert. einfach eine unglaublich schöne zeit...

über verhaltensregeln in indien muss ich euch nichts erzählen. wenn ihr vorhabt hierher zu kommen, dann werdet ihr euch schon schlau gemacht haben. wenn sich aber doch unsicherheiten ergeben, könnt ihr bei "raj" nachfragen, der hat immer die antwort parat und hilft gerne weiter. cool

nehmt auch die vorschläge an, selbst wenn ihr euch zuhause bereits im internet was zurechtgelegt habt. teilt ihm euer budget mit und ihr werdet nicht enttäuscht sein.

also kurzum: VIELEN DANK RAJ -

everything is possible!
189) Bea Bärenz 
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(189) Our trip through Rajastan definitely was one of the most interesting journeys we ever had.

We found a country altogether strange for us and at the same time extraordinary cultural experiences of all kinds.

Palaces, forts, temples, the whole span of this cultural meeting of two of the biggest religions of the world, Hinduism and Muslims, of course not all of it under peaceful conditions – history knows.

And there are foreign rules, obviously different food, and be sure about this: neither an excellent travel guide nor Internet will enable you to find out about all this.

How to travel? Easy question after the experience we made, easy answer: Ashok´s Taxi Service.

He picked us up at the airport and showed us savely to our hotel in Delhi.

It was not himself but Ajit Singh who guided us through all this wonderland. Driving his car carefully, taking care of human beings, cows, dogs, pidgeons alike we met on the road and he had to take care not to run over. Not to speak of the huge trucks takin over – not us, but doing this at the opposite side of the road, honking hard und flashing the front lights to make understood they are stronger than the little taxi we sat in.
Ajit did manage.

He lead us to all the interesting sites and guided us savely to our hotels. And whenever he couldn´t because his car simply wouldn´t fit in the jammed streets of some northwestern Indian town he would get us a reliable tuk-tuk.

If we come back – and it might happen! – we would ask again for him. And definitely for Ashok´s taxi service!

Dr. Albrecht Bärenz & Bea Bärenz
188) Ron Boston 
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(188) Ashok,

It was a pleasure spending time with you and your driver Arjit. Thank you for making our travel (me, my wife and two children) in Northern India safe and comfortable. We made it to all our planned destinations and had a great time in India. We would not hesitate to use your taxi tour service again.

We also felt in our hearts your genuine efforts to put customers first and provide a safe, timely, and comfortable transportation; we like the fixed pricing (we knew what it will cost us at the end of the trip) and no side trips to tourist stores unless requested. Pls continue your business model - great service to newbies in India and want to explore w/o the worries of finding reliable transportation.

Here's a short (7 mins) photo slideshow in Youtube about our trip in India (thanking your Taxi Tour in one of the pictures); background local music from India.

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