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Ashok Bhardwaj

Ashok Bhardwaj

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23.9.2023 06:36
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199) Susan 
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(199) Kann man es besser machen? Nein!!!!

Eine unbeschreiblich schöne Reise (4 Personen, älteste 72 Jahre alt) ist gerade zu Ende gegangen. Ashok´s Taxi Tours kann man immer wieder nur empfehlen!

Von der ersten Kontaktaufnahme bis hin zum Abflug, hat Ashok alles perfekt geplant. Sämtliche Wünsche wurden uns erfüllt. Besser machen? Nein, dass geht wirklich nicht.

Alle Fahrer sind sehr gut ausgebildet, fahren ruhig und sicher. Der indische Straßenverkehr wirkt auf uns oftmals sehr chaotisch und trotzdem haben wir uns jede Sekunde mit unserem lieben Fahrer Pramood sicher gefühlt. Er stand uns mit Rat und Tat zur Seite. Wir durften Indien, dank Pramood, auf eine ganz besondere Weise kennenlernen und entdecken.

Dank Ashok und Pramood haben wir Indien und seine unglaublich liebevollen Menschen fest in unsere Herzen geschlossen. Der Abschied von Ashok und Pramood ist uns sehr, sehr schwer gefallen.

Wir sind tief berührt von der Art und Weise, wie Ashok mit seinen Gästen umgeht - man muss es erlebt haben - uns fehlen die Worte! Wer Indien erleben möchte und das auf eine sichere und besondere Art, der sollte mit Ashok´s Taxi Tours fahren!

We love you, keep in touch and see you very soon smile
198) Laura and Andrew 
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We want to say a huge thank you to Ashok for driving us to the Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and the baby Taj.

We can't recommend you and your company enough. It was great to have your advice on the destinations and not to be taken anywhere we didn't want to be.

The car was comfortable and clean and we couldn't believe how quickly we got to Agra, it was definitely worth the 6am start. The water was also appreciated.

We would definitely recommend you to anyone travelling to India.
197) Svenja and Tobias 
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We had very comfortable and relaxing days with our wonderful driver Bittoo!

He always showed more than we asked for and provided a lot of helpful information. We felt safe in busy India and would always drive with Bittoo again
196) Michelle 
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(196) I made a rather last minute decision to hire a private car for my trip to India. The night before the flight, I frantically searched the internet for a reliable private driver. Being a solo female traveler, I was concerned about my safety given all the recent media coverages (accurate or not).

This was the best decision ever.

I emailed 3 different companies and chose Ashok's based on three things: 1) prompt email response to my inquiries 2) reasonable price thoroughly explained 3) flexibility and the level of customization of the itinerary (they revised the itinerary a couple of times based on my preferences).

I only had a few major sights I wanted to see (Taj Mahal and Old Delhi bazaars), frankly due to my lack of research -- thanks to Ashok, I got to see so many amazing sights in a short period of time. If you are unsure about your itinerary, all you need to do is give Ashok your travel dates and he will literally plan the entire trip for you. AMAZING.

So much of the traveling experiences are defined by the people you spend time with on the trip. I feel truly blessed to have had the privilege of meeting and traveling with Ashok. He put my needs and wants above anything else, was very knowledgeable, and most importantly, absolutely trustworthy and reliable.

He was always on time, provided thoughtful traveling advice, and shared many inspiring stories throughout the trip. His car was always kept clean and cool, and he often offered fresh fruits and water! Being a major foodie, his knowledge of local food was a huge plus for me. He even took me to the Old Delhi markets himself and showed me all the great local eateries.

One of the biggest differences between Ashok's and other car companies is that Ashok's has a very strict rule against taking tourists to commission shops / hotels. Ashok makes sure he delivers quality, authentic experiences to his customers, and I really appreciated how humbly and honestly he operates his business.

His prices are super reasonable, especially when factoring in the convenience and quality of service. If you need hotel or shop recommendations, he is happy to provide options based on your budget and preferences, but never based on any type of pre-defined commission structure, which is pretty difficult to come by in the tourist economy in India.

Choosing Ashok's service is probably the single most helpful recommendation I can provide to any of my friends and family traveling to India. Without him, my trip would not have been as comfortable, safe, and inspiring.

Thank you Ashok for making my trip an unforgettable one!!
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