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Ashok Bhardwaj

Ashok Bhardwaj

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232) Peter Unger 
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Germany Heimatort, Land
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Ich war 9 Tage mit meinem Fahrer Anil in Rajasthan unterwegs.

Sehr sicherer, freundlicher Fahrer, toller Service, alles bestens geklappt. Keine Commission-Shops Empfehlungen, Anil ist sehr freundlich, ortskundig und hilfsbereit. Absolut pünktlich, sauberes und gutes Auto.

Thank you Anil, thank you Mr. Ashok for this good trip!!

Best Regards, Peter Unger
231) Zbigniew Wlodarczyk 
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Poland Heimatort, Land
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It was our first trip to India.

Travelling with children always poses some risk, and one wants it to be both attractive as well as safe.

Hiring a car with driver for round trip is definitely the best option. If you plan it, go for ASHOK. We had 8 days trip (Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Bikaner, Jodhpur, Udaipur).

Since the first e-mail contact Ashok proved to be helpful, suggesting the route.

First day in Delhi - and first surprise: we were invited by him to the traditional, Indian-style family wedding !!! Would you belive it?. He and his Son treated us there as the guest of honour, and we felt so privileged.

As for the trip, we were allocated Maruti Suzuki 5 seater car with air condition. Car was very well maintained and clean. Size just OK for family of four, with enough space for luggage.

Our driver was Rishi - men of exceptional dignity yet very friendfull and looking after us like if we were friends. An in fact we became friends. He was punctual like swiss watch, always waiting for us just few minutes before time. Always in freshly ironed shirt!!!

On the way he suggested places to go and to see, protected us from too pushy street vendors and knew a lot about visiting sites. He was driving very safely, never exceeding 100 kms per hour, and much slower on the local roads.

Enough to say, that despite frantic traffic in India, we felt very safe. Overall price was very acceptable, without hidden costs.

I am pleased to give his company the highest recommendation.

Zbigniew Wlodarczyk, Poland.
230) Gabriele 
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Germany Heimatort, Land
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(230) Those who want to travel the country from the elevated perspective of a coach with 20 people speaking the same language as you, will not get much out of travelling with a driver and a car.

Those who want to directly experience the country, its people, its animals, its aromas and its road side eateries, should consider this mode of travelling.

Via email we began our travel preparations with Ashok’s Taxi Tour in Germany, and all our queries were answered promptly.

Even though our flight was delayed by 10 hours, a driver welcomed us at Indira Gandhi International Airport with a personalised name board. The driver called up Mr. Ashok on the spot to confirm our arrival and we also had a chance to speak to Mr. Ashok on the phone.

Our first hotel in Delhi, Hotel Le Roi, selected by Mr. Ashok – although it was located, as it initially appeared to us novices, in a rather unsafe-looking neighbourhood – turned out to be a delightful choice. The value you get for your money was amazing.

Also Mr. Ashok confirmed that someone would be available 24 hours a day, should we have any questions or complaints.

And then our long journey through Rajasthan (17 days) began through the country with our driver Mr. Gurmeet Singh. For us it still isn’t comprehensible how he managed to never lose his temper in all the traffic, with people and animals jam-packing the roads. If we required anything, like freshly squeezed orange juice, sweets, food, toilets, he would say “why not, why not?” and fulfil our wishes instantly.

It was “no problem” when we spontaneously changed our minds and wanted to see another monument, or skip a monument. Often times he showed us further sights, which weren’t listed in our guide book. He also knew beforehand that the Taj Mahal would close at around 11am, due to a VIP visiting.

Our worries to not make it in time were instantly eased: “we will definitely arrive in time” – and he was always right! His hotel suggestions were all in our budget, yet we had ultimate freedom in deciding whether or not we wanted to stay in this hotel. He took great care of the cleanliness of his car and of himself.

On the way back to the airport Mr. Ashok called us up and wished us farewell.

Therefore, “everything is alright” and we wish Mr. Ashok and his crew of drivers all the best.
229) Dr. Constanze Fiebach 
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Deutschland, India Heimatort, Land
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Ashok ist ein sehr freundlicher, hilfsbereiter und guter Fahrer. Unser Tagesausflug nach Agra war toll! Er gab gute Tipps, ohne aufdringlich zu sein. Sein Auto war in gutem Zustand, sauber und bequem!

Auch die Absprachen im Vorfeld klappten problemlos, sowohl über Email als auch telefonisch. Sein Englisch ist gut.

Wir würden jederzeit wieder mit ihm fahren.
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