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Ashok Bhardwaj

Ashok Bhardwaj

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23.9.2023 07:49
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267) Barbara 
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Pinzgau, AuSTria Heimatort, Land
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Dear ashok, dear rishi!

Rishi was our driver for our 2 day trip. We did the golden triangle with one night in jaipur.

Reservation and comfirmation already from austria- the morning after arrival in delhi ashok introduced the driver who picked us up from our hotel in delhi.

Our driver was already waiting-nice ac-car! We visited baby taj mahal and taj mahal some more sights on the way before heading to jaipur where we spent the night. Our driver was super nice. We had lots of nice chats about india, religion ...

He was a perfect driver - its a hassle to drive smooth and patient in indias honk surroundings. Second day was perfect too. We loved to get to see that many places in a very short time. Its very convenient to be flexible with a driver who fullfills individual wishes!

Thank you very much again for making our 72 h in india so treasurefull!!!
266) Jan & Helena 
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Czech Republic Heimatort, Land
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(266) We had 2-week round trip around Rajasthan (approx 2800km) with Ashok's services and we absolutely loved it.

Safe and comfort services are standard for this company but more importantly we enjoyed company of our driver and more than customers we felt like friends of our driver who helped us with any inquiries we could think of.

Definitely value for money and I would undoubtedly recommend hiring these services to anyone traveling to India.

When we're coming next time we won't think twice about who we should contact! wink
265) Balint Morocz 
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Hungary Heimatort, Land
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(265) Sehr geehrter Herr Ashok, und Rinku,

wir waren sehr zufrieden mit Ihrem Service. Wir waren eine Familie mit Baby Jasmin (10 Monate).

Der Fahrer, Rinku, war die beste Wahl für uns. Er war nett, babyfreundlich, und hat uns sehr gut während der Tour in den 10 Tagen betreut (Reisezeit: August 2015, Tour: Delhi-Agra-Jaipur-Pushkar-Jodhpur-Bikaner-Mandawa-Delhi).

Rinkus Auto war immer sauber, er hat uns tolle Hotels und Sehenswürdigkeiten empfohlen. Wir wollten speziell nur indische Speisen probieren, so hat er uns immer solche Plätze gezeigt, wo auch die Einheimischen essen.

Wir werden Ashok's Taxi Tours jedenfalls weiterempfehlen!!!

Danke nochmal Rinku und Herrn Ashok!!!

Viele Grüße,
Balint, Ildiko und Baby Jasmin
264) Marty Hoenig 
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Australia Heimatort, Land
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Thank you Raju & Ashok's

I can thoroughly recommend Ashok's Taxi Tours and especially our wonderful driver Raju.

They were Honest and looked after us with a personal touch.

Raju was our traveling Companion not just our driver and was aware of our needs 24/7 could not have asked for anyone better.

big grin Regards Marty
Canberra Australia
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