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Ashok Bhardwaj

Ashok Bhardwaj

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23.9.2023 06:45
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435) Dirk 
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Ich habe Ashok's Taxi für einen drei Tage-Trip mit vier Freunden nach Agra im Anschluss an eine Motorradreise durch Kashmir/Ladakh gebucht.

Das war die richtige Entscheidung. Vom Erstkontakt bis zum Ende der Tour eine gute Erfahrung. Zuverlässig, vertrauenswürdig und seinen Preis wert.

Unser Fahrer Mr. Rishi war sehr angenehm, entspannt und sicher mit uns unterwegs - der beste Fahrer den ich bisher in Indien hatte…..gerne wieder 👍🙏
434) Max 
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We took a 4 day tour with Ashok (Delhi - Agra - Jaipur) in September 2022.

We were extremely happy with the service and can recommend this service very much because:
- The car was in a very good shape and extremely clean
- Ashok was always, without any exception more than punctual and at our pick-up place 15 minutes before the time we scheduled
- His driving skills are fantastic and he managed to make us feel very safe in the crowded and hectic streets of India
- He is a extremely nice, generous and funny person with whom you can have great conversations about his country / culture etc.
- He knows the area very well and knows how to get where / which Monuments you should have a look at and which ones are not so worthwhile
- He does not take his customers into any touristy / commission restaurants etc but instead showed us some fantastic real Indian streetfood shops

We hope to come back to India one day and drive with Ashok again. Many thanks for the fantastic time!
433) Christiana Bauer 
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A pleasant transfer from the airport to Jaisalmer

This was the first time that I ventured out of Europe after Covid struck us and my second time in India. In 2020 (before all the lockdowns) I was travelling with a friend and we hired one of Ashok's taxis for seven days, mainly to get to Sariska National Park and to several towns in the Shekhawati region. We were really satisfied with our driver Bittoo and the suggestions Manish made.

So I hired Ashok again when I arrived at Delhi airport in the middle of the night.

I wanted to visit Jaisalmer a second time, be able to rest after a few hours' drive and see something new on the way. The instructions Ashok gave me how to find him (which exit to take, what to do if something went wrong) were so clear that I didn't worry. I saw him as soon as I left the airport and we drove straight to Jhunjhunu, where I visited the Rani Sati temple. I spent the next day in Nagaur and had a look at the fort, which is really worth while visiting.

I bought an Indian SIM-card and Ashok helped me to activate the account and to put the card into my phone. In Nagaur I had problems with the hotel I had booked on Expedia. The hotel did exist but the owner had changed, which meant that my booking wasn't accepted. Ashok was very helpful again, translating for me and getting a good deal for me (room, dinner and breakfast).

As far as the driving is concerned, I always felt safe and comfortable in his car. Ashok attaches great importance to keeping his car clean.

Last, but not least, I enjoyed the conversations with him and all the information I got.
432) Sebastian 
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After travelling with Ashok’s Taxi Tours for several times in the past, I decided that his company would be the right decision for the international guests of my wedding.

As always, the booking process was flawless, and tours in Delhi and beyond could be organized for those interested in tourism.

I chose Ashok’s services since most guests have never been to India. India has been my second home for quite some time now. And I wanted my guests to experience it as comfortably as possible, without the difficulties most first-time travellers have to experience.

And Ashok’s company again delivered. Be it punctuality or the quality of the vehicle used, or the friendly and helpful attitude towards the guests before, during and after the wedding, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

In sum, I would recommend Ashok’s services not only for a typical round trip but also for more complicated planning, like a big wedding with several cars having to be coordinated simultaneously over several days and weeks!
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