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Ashok Bhardwaj

Ashok Bhardwaj

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20.5.2024 05:15
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316) Alexandra and Werner 
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Germany Heimatort, Land
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After 2012 and 2014 this was our third tour with Ashok´s Taxi Tours.

Our driver Rishi was absolutely perfect. He was always in time, good-humoured and very helpful in all situations. Also he told us much about India, answered all our questions and showed us many places of interest.

So after four weeks we left him as friends and would recommend Ashok´s Taxi Tours and especially our driver Rishi to everyone who plans to visit India.

Thank you for all, Alexandra and Werner
315) Roberto 
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Italy Heimatort, Land
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Although it is the first time you go in India and want to make a non-group travel, Ashok is a guarantee for its professionalism and availability.

I can confirm all the positive reviews of 5 stars already in Tripadvisor (and also those found on their web site in the Guestbook) on which I based to organize my individual journey.

I booked independently flight and hotel and I turned to Mr. Ashok for transfers from the airport, for the tour of Delhi and especially for the one-week tour in a part of Rajasthan (Agra-Jaipur-Bikaner-Mandawa).

At first I visited Delhi with calm for a couple of days and Mr Ashok personally accompanied me even in some places that I had requested to see outside of the traditional tourist destinations (eg. a school of kusti - wrestling Indian or a simple tour by metro or a tour with a local rickshaw).

Then I was lucky enough to have as a driver Gurmeet, a person absolutely reliable, courteous and sympathetic with which you will always feel at ease and in a style very cautious and quiet driving. Gurmeet will take in the classic tourist sites but, if you want, in other special and interesting places such as. the Monkey Temple in Jaipur.

To visit the tourist sites you will always find on the site of the local guides, which, however, I've never felt the need to see the information that I had already had.

Not least the price / quality ratio is excellent and if you want you can still also arrange all their own (itinerary, hotel reservations, etc. even outside of Rajasthan beautiful).

Mr. Ashok and my driver Gurmeet will never solicit to take you from one seller: their only interest is that you truly the best trip possible according to your tastes, interests and your time! You can contact Mr. Ashok via email and you will receive prompt answers and advice. I really enjoyed it.
314) Jutta und Andrea 
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Karlsruhe, Germany Heimatort, Land
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Thank you for the fantastic trip Delhi-Agra-Jaipur-Pushkar-Jodhpur-Ranakpur-Udaipur in March 2016.

It was an interesting week, very well organized. Our driver Kulwant is an exzellent and save driver.

We can recomment Ashok's Taxi Tours and our driver Kulwant to everyone. Again a special THANKS to Kulwant for the funny 🐘-Ride

Andrea and Jutta from Germay
313) Liz Bestor 
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Oregon, USA Heimatort, Land
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This was a trip of a lifetime and Ashok's driver, Anil, was perfect for us.

Anil quickly understood that two women in their 70's wanted to go slowly, but be exposed to as much of the area as possible.

We became good friends and I even choked up when we had to say goodbye.

I would highly recommend Ashok and his crew. Thanks for a wonderful vacation.
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