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Ashok Bhardwaj

Ashok Bhardwaj

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23.9.2023 06:14
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319) Ashley 
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When going to another country you always question the different travel agencies, however there is no need to question Ashok's Taxi Tours. Our driver, Bilda, was waiting outside for us prior to the pick up time and was extremely professional throughout the trip.

He was friendly, had lots of local knowledge to share and was always willing to help in any way possible.

Upon returning to India, I would use Ashok's Taxi Service again without any questions!
318) Bernd 
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I was on tour throughout Rajasthan with Anil three weeks in March.

I finalized the tour well in advance. Mail contact was allways prompt and well prepared.

Pickup at Airport in the middle of the night was very nice and also the first meeting with my Driver for the next threee weeks, Anil.

He gave me a fast introduction into Indian driving on our ride through nightly Delhi.

From my side I can say that I got to like Anil and his attitude very fast. We had a good tour together for the next weeks.
I miss the daily 12-o-clock tea stop on roadside.

I had booked all Hotels by myself. I gave Anil a list of all Hotels and he always was prepared to find this locations and/or arrange transport if the Hotel was not accessible by car. That brought me some funny motobike rides smile

Anil was always on time and the car was always in good shape.

I do not know what to say else. There was no negative thing on the tour and nothing to complain about. It was my first time in India and I got a very kind introduction. Thank you for this.

And now after total 4 weeks in India I miss the cows on the streets and the hustle everywhere smile

317) Wil Metselaar 
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(317) We already had some experience with private tours in India because this was our third tour, but also the very best.

Unfortunately the North was not as interesting as expected (Rajasthan is much more fascinating), but that is not to blame on the perfect organisation of Mr. Ashok.

Our driver Ajit was without any doubts the best driver ever in India, only his English could be better. Therefore I have made a request to Mr. Ashok to invest a small amount to get Ajit an English course to improve his English. After this course he will be the champion driver of all India and Mr. Ashok should reward that with an intersting raise of his salary!

Ajit is not only technically the ideal driver that makes feel safe you all the time in the chaos of the crazy traffic in India, but also a warm person with a friendly character and allways willing to help or to do something extra.

He made our tour to an incredible experience, so if you want to book a tour with Askhok Taxi Tours, ask for Mr. Ajit as the driver!
316) Alexandra and Werner 
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After 2012 and 2014 this was our third tour with Ashok´s Taxi Tours.

Our driver Rishi was absolutely perfect. He was always in time, good-humoured and very helpful in all situations. Also he told us much about India, answered all our questions and showed us many places of interest.

So after four weeks we left him as friends and would recommend Ashok´s Taxi Tours and especially our driver Rishi to everyone who plans to visit India.

Thank you for all, Alexandra and Werner
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