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Ashok Bhardwaj

Ashok Bhardwaj

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Montag, 17 Mai 2021 06:02
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413) Selma Pezo Göttlicher 
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Mittwoch, 11 Dezember 2019 12:21 Permalink

We traveled for 10 days through Rajasthan with our driver Rajiv.

It was great experiance! Our driver was approximately our age, so we talked a lot about our countries and living here and there. We appreciated these conversations very much, as this was the most precious part of our journey! He was polite, attentive and helpful. And not to forget: a great driver!
412) Jack 
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United Kingdom
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Mittwoch, 18 September 2019 19:18 Permalink

We did a day trip to Agra to visit The Taj Mahal and Agra Fort.

Our driver Prem was very friendly and accommodating. Comfortable drive with Prem showing us exactly where to get in and waiting to collect us after visiting each monument.

Much easier and nicer than getting the train would have been! Would definitely recommend
411) Adriana Schvartzman 
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Mittwoch, 7 August 2019 19:35 Permalink

Everything was great, the driver was punctual, polite and very attentive. Everything promised was delivered.
We had a great time, it was a really interesting experience and overall we felt safe, looked after.

Thank you for everything and thanks to Bittu for this memorable experience.
410) Erwin Declercq 
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Sonntag, 4 August 2019 12:28 Permalink

We traveled through Rajasthan with our three kids. The service delivered by Ashok's Taxi Tours was excellent!

The car was very comfortable with an very good aircon and driver Bittu did an excellent job. He is very professional, a careful driver, knows his way everywhere and was very helpful when minor problems during the trip occurred.

We strongly recommend Ashok's Taxi Tours!
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